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Damien Smith pleaded guilty to corrupt business influence. His other charges were dismissed. He was sentenced to four years of jails time with one year suspended.


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.– Newly unsealed court documents reveal how detectives were able to track down a McDonald’s employee who allegedly stole around 100 credit card numbers while working the drive-thru.

Police say Makeisha Roberts, the McDonald’s employee,  and Quentin Deshawn Creamer worked together to steal customers’ information and make fake credit cards they used to go shopping at area stores. Both now face multiple charges for fraud and theft.

Documents state detectives were able to get surveillance video showing Roberts using a handheld skimming device as she rang customers up at the drive-thru window. They also obtained security footage that showed Roberts, Creamer and Damien Smith shopping at area stores using credit cards with other people’s information.

According to the probable cause, Roberts admitted to skimming an estimated 100 credit cards. She also said Creamer gave her the skimming device. Court documents go on to say Roberts would give the stolen information to Creamer, who would then create fake credit cards and pay Roberts cash.

Police say Roberts told them she would use the fake credit cards to  buy products and gift cards to sell.

Eleven victims are listed in the probable cause. Police say they got several reports about fraudulent activity on credit cards. They analyzed the activity on the accounts and each victim had visited the same McDonald’s before the issues began.

Roberts, Creamer and Smith allegedly spent more than $6,000 on strangers’ credit cards. Purchases were made at jewelry stores, Meijer, H&M and more.

“That’s not the first time we’ve heard of this,” said Tim Maniscalo, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau in central Indiana. “This is something, that unfortunately, is more common out there than you might think.”

Consumer groups like the Better Business Bureau are warning people to pay close attention to your credit card activity, especially if you hand over your card at a restaurant.

“When you give that to someone else, you never know what they might do behind closed doors,” Maniscalo said.

Roberts’ next court appearance is scheduled for September 23 at 8:30 a.m.