Court docs show double homicide that left two Indy teens dead started as retaliation for previous shooting


INDIANAPOLIS – Court records are providing new details about what led up to shooting that left two teens dead on Indy’s near northeast side over the weekend.

According to court records, the double homicide began as retaliation for a previous shooting earlier the same night.

Called to the Blackburn Terrace Apartments Saturday night, police found two teens shot to death following a shootout that left shell casings stretching over 50 yards.

A few minutes later, police claim a third victim showed up at St. Vincent’s hospital with a gunshot wound and three firearms used in the deadly shooting were found inside the car used to drop off that victim.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, police interviewed two teens who allegedly took part in the shooting. The 18-year-old suspect admitted, “They were there to get revenge for another shooting. They got into a shootout with several males who were already in the apartment complex.”

A second 19-year-old suspect added, “They all knew they were going to the apartments to retaliate for the previous shooting. Whoever they were going to retaliate against found them first and started shooting and everyone in his group shot back.”

Community leaders say that motive is all too common.

“We’re seeing a lot of more retaliation and we’re seeing it from younger and younger people,” said reverend Charles Harrison.

Reverend Harrison with the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition insists that until teens learn they shouldn’t settle their conflicts with gunfire, the city will struggle to reverse the record breaking number of homicides and non-fatal shootings seen so far this year.

“Street justice is not the way to resolve conflicts. It just leads to more people being killed and more families broken in this city,” said Harrison.

According to jail records, the two suspects were arrested for criminal recklessness, but have been released on a 25 thousand dollar bond.

No one has been arrested yet and charged with murder.

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