Court docs: Suspect in Lafayette teacher’s fatal shooting left house after speaking with her, returned and fired shots

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Update (July 14, 2017) — Darius Printup was acquitted on all charges.

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind.– New court documents released Wednesday reveal new details in the death of a Lafayette art teacher.

Police arrested Darius Javon Printup, 18, aka “Lorenzo” or “Zo” on Oct. 15 on preliminary murder charges in the death of Kristi Redmon. Her body was found on her front porch late Wednesday night after her neighbors heard several gunshots.

According to court documents, there were four people in the car who were involved in the shooting. Printup was picked up after saying he needed a ride. He said a male acquaintance had ripped him off by taking his backpack, which contained drugs.

They drove around the area of Hedgewood Drive and Ridgeway Avenue looking for the man. They parked the car on Hedgewood and Printup and another male walked towards a house on Ridgeway. One of the men heard multiple gunshots. They returned to the car and fled the scene.

One of the men told police Printup had a semi-automatic handgun when he returned to the car. He picked Printup out of a photo array, along with the other people in the car.

Police spoke with the driver of the car, who said one of the people they picked up knew the acquaintance Printup was looking for and could help locate him. The driver waited in the car while the other two men talked to the victim. They left, but then returned and parked on a nearby street. The driver saw Redmon open the door, and then heard gunshots and said it looked like Printup shot her.

A third man in the car confirmed the stories of the previous two witnesses.

Police then spoke with the fourth person, who went up to the house with Printup. He told police when they spoke with Redmon, she said the man they were searching for did not live there and she didn’t know where to find him. They left, but then came back. The witness walked back up to the house with Printup, who said he thought the woman was lying to him. The man said she answered the door and spoke with Printup, who ended up shooting her multiple times.

The witness told police he had no idea Printup was going to shoot her. They returned to the car and left the area.

Printup, who is listed as homeless in court documents, is the only one at this time who has been charged in the murder.

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