Court documents reveal new details in Kokomo homicide, kidnapping case


KOKOMO, Ind. — New details have emerged in court documents related to the homicide and kidnapping investigation in Kokomo.

Six people are now facing charges after Lashay Young-Beard was shot and killed, and a man was found tied up in a bathtub earlier this month.

Court documents seem to illustrate a different story than the one we heard from a suspect Tuesday.

Troy Wilson was arrested this month and charged with criminal confinement and aggravated battery. During an interview Tuesday, Wilson insisted he did not know why a man was tied up in a bath tub.

Police testimony in the court documents suggest Wilson is the one who put him there.

In court documents, this man claims Wilson poured boiling water on him. A detective found blisters on the victim’s back.

Detectives believe another suspect, Uriah Levy, hit the man with brass knuckles.

Police explain the victim was eventually let out of the closet and then Wilson threw him into a bathtub.

Court documents claim the victim says there was always someone around to keep him from leaving.

It also says the  man believes he was in the bathtub for about five days.

According to a detective, Wilson told a witness the victim was being punished for being a snitch.

Police suspect this happened at an apartment on the 700 block of South Courtland Avenue.

Court documents explain a man named Steven Allen rents the apartment.

Allen was also arrested earlier this month and faces a charge of aiding, inducing and causing criminal confinement.

Some of those arrests in the case happened after police say they found a video that showed two more people being tortured.

No one has been charged with the murder of Lashay Young-Beard.

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