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MUNCIE, Ind.– Court documents reveal new details in a shooting that claimed the life of 19-year-old Seth Barton in Muncie last week.

Police arrested two 18-year-old suspects in connection with the crime: Kevoszia Winston and Dimorrea Benning.

According to court documents, police say the shooting happened during a robbery on Jan. 9 at 11 a.m.

Witnesses told police the two suspects were at an apartment complex located in the 2500 W. White River Blvd earlier that day to carry out a “previously-arranged drug deal.”

They say Benning and Winston returned later uninvited and pointed guns at three individuals, including Barton.

Court documents allege the suspects took guns, money and possibly drugs. Winston reportedly kicked Barton in an attempt to wake him up saying, “I want him to see my face and know who did this.”

The witness told police Barton didn’t wake up and says as Winston was leaving, he shot Barton while he slept on the recliner.

Enough is Enough founder Marwin Strong was stunned to hear about this. His organization tries to reduce crime and gun violence.

“As long as you are living that type of lifestyle you’re going to be dead or in prison,” Strong said.

Strong says more people should step up and be mentors to the youth.

“Right now this stuff is peer driven. It’s what they see in social media,” Strong said.

Both suspects have been charged with murder and armed robbery.

Winston is has two murder charges and that’s because one is murder and one is felony murder.

The Delaware County Prosecutor says felony murder is also used when someone is killed during the commission of another felony; in this case a robbery.

Both suspects are being held at the Delaware County Jail.