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INDIANAPOLIS— Moving forward, some concert venues and travel destinations are requiring proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test. Test sites were vast during the height of the pandemic, but numerous locations have closed since. With the delta variant leading to increased cases, it now has fun-seeking Hoosiers battling others for a chance to get tested.

“We have seen an uptick that goes hand-in-hand with the reported cases that are starting to pop up with the delta variant,” said Susana Suarez, spokesperson for local testing company Aria Diagnostics. “Positivity rate has doubled every week for the last three weeks that is of concern.”

Canada is requiring all American travelers to be both vaccinated and to get a negative COVID-19 test. Some area concert venues are also requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter shows.

Despite the increase in testing needs due to the COVID variant, yet some locations can still turn around a quick test. Aria Diagnostics offers a same-day PCR test option and one day turnaround. CVS offers a “swab and send” option that can deliver one to two day results. They also have rapid tests at 4,800 locations in the country. Community Health can do a rapid test in 15 minutes, and their PCR tests are averaging 12-24 hours for answers.

“If you have to catch a flight three hours to Paris, and you need to show you got a negative test, same-day test is way to go,” detailed Suarez.

Aria Diagnostics will accept insurance if your provider covers COVID tests. This goes for the pricier same-day PCR tests or the one-day turnaround PCR test.