COVID-19 triage center opens in Hancock County

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HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. — At last check, there are three confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Hancock County and health officials there are waiting on the results of at least 20 more tests.

Providers anticipate more cases and they’re taking the proper action steps to be prepared.

There’s a heightened sense of protection happening inside the new Hancock Triage.

“Not only to protect and help our community, but to protect and help our clinics,” explained Julia Compton, a Doctor and the President of Hancock Physician Network.

Due to precautions, we were not allowed in the new center, as Compton and her staff are treating patients with symptoms that could potentially be COVID-19.

“The bulk of patients coming here are ones that the physician or nurse practitioner feels like needs to be seen in real life,” Compton added.

Hancock Health opened Hancock Triage one week ago. The center provides a more streamlined service to people experiencing respiratory symptoms or a fever.

“You are seeing people come together, this team who is working here in the triage clinic they’re constantly evolving their process and how do we do things better,” said Compton.

Registered Nurse, Jason Wells works one-on-one with those who may be at risk.

“Just being able to answer their questions, calm their fears where they need to be, said Wells, “This is a dangerous virus and we want people to take care of themselves.”

Here’s how it works. There are no walk-ins allowed. Referrals have to come from a physician or by calling 317-325-COVD (2683).

“That’s our hospitals 24/7 line right now, and they can get a lot of information and advice and settle down a little bit from there,” explained. Wells.

If you’re approved for an appointment, the registration and check in is completed remotely by using an app. You then pull into a parking space in front of the clinic, with a specific number on it so the nurse can find you. Then a nurse goes to get the patient from their car to bring them inside.

The clinic is stocked with supplies and ready to help.

“We are putting everything on the line to help people and at the end of the day if this gets as bad as we think it will health care will be overrun. We will have to make awful decisions and it’s terrifying to think of,” said Compton.

As doctor Compton’s team gets busier by the day inside, she asks that all of us on the outside to do what’s most important, practice social distancing.

“That is the paramount piece that I can ask for,” said Compton, “We need it, we need all of the help we can.”

Again, the Hancock Triage center is by appointment only. If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of the virus, you can contact the hotline at 317-325-COVD.

Click here for more information provided by Hancock Health.

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