CPR training helps Westfield middle school teacher save stranger’s life

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CASTLETON, Ind. – "It’s nice to know that the little training that you get was enough to know what to do,” said 7th grade language arts teacher Sean Green.

Green was just minutes away from his tee time at Sahm Golf Course in Castleton when he heard someone yell for help. He turned around and saw a man lying on the ground.

“I did what I know what to do, and that’s to rush over and see what’s going on,” the Westfield middle school teacher said.

Using the CPR training he received as a teacher, Green realized the man was unresponsive, not breathing and did not have a pulse. So, he shouted to call 911 and immediately began CPR.

“I did chest compressions for probably about seven to eight minutes until the ambulance arrived,” Green said.

Once EMS arrived, they continued working on the man. Thanks to Green’s actions, they were able to save him.

"What I was told is if I had not been there for the first six or seven minutes, he would not be alive today,” Green said.

Jeff Imel with the American Red Cross says those first few minutes before EMS arrives are absolutely crucial.

“CPR keeps oxygenated blood flowing to the brain," Imel said. "We’re keeping that brain alive. So while a person is doing CPR they're actually pumping the heart for the patient."

Imel says anyone regardless of medical experience can learn CPR in just a few hours, which is all it took for Green to know exactly what to do, and save a life.

“It's nice to know that he gets to see his grandchildren and his wife and the rest of his family a lot longer than he would have if perhaps I wasn't there to do anything,” Green said. "It's an amazing feeling to have, but it's also important to know that if I wasn’t CPR certified that would never have happened.”

Green says he has talked with the man he saved over the phone, and the two plan to play a round of golf together next year.

If you are interested in CPR training, you can contact the American Red Cross, which offers community and group training courses.

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