Crackdown on frequent ambulance riders producing results

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis EMS wants to make sure ambulances are being used for true emergencies. Frequent 911 callers are a real problem. One person called 911 a total of 134 times from April 2012 through March 2013. EMS is reaching out to those frequent callers to see if they can address other issues. The patients meet with a social worker and paramedic as part of an ongoing program.

“A lot of these patients do have underlying medical issues but every time they call 911 it isn’t for what you would call an emergency that would be life threatening that needs to go to the hospital right now,” said Dr. Andrews Stevens, Deputy Medical Director of Indianapolis EMS.

According to Indianapolis EMS the top 10 911 callers averaged about 100 calls per year at the start of this program. Now the top 10 callers are averaging about 30 calls per year. Since the beginning of the program they have worked with about 500 patients.

“With this outreach program that’s been developed we at least have a resource to lean towards to find out if these folks actually need more help than what we’re able to provide by taking them to the hospital,” said Battalion Chief David Kelley with Indianapolis Fire.

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