Crash Witness: I wasn’t expecting anybody to make it out alive

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It was a huge wreck in a whiteout.  All four lanes of Interstate 70 were brought to a screeching halt.  More than 30 cars smashed into each other, including 20 semis.  People were tangled up in all that twisted metal and crews raced  to get them out safely.

Adam Bassett heard the sirens, but could not believe what he saw.

“I was not expecting anybody to make it out of that, with all of the smashed vehicles I saw,” said Bassett.

Tony Ewald and his family were headed from Arizona to New York.  They were making good time, until Thursday afternoon.

“It took us about an hour to go about a mile,” said Ewald.

Inching along the interstate was not easy, especially with Ewald’s 3-year-old in the car.

“We were stuck for about two hours,” said Ewald.  “Finally, we got off of the only exit we could, we almost ran out of gas waiting.”

Tow trucks were able to get the cars off of I-70 pretty quickly, but prying the mangled semis from underneath the overpass, that was a different story.

The cause of the accident was likely the weather.

“With a snow burst, somebody probably made an abrupt move,” said Rich Myers with Indiana State Police.  “I do not know what started it, but once that domino effect got started in that snow burst, they could not get stopped and this is what we have.”

The Ewald family planned to start their journey again, hoping to avoid any more delays.

“We will see how far that gets us before we get stuck again,” said Ewald.  “This is the third time now that we have been stuck on this trip.  I think we have been going now for 26 hours.”

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