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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- We are now just over a month away from Christmas.  If you’ve started your shopping you’ve probably noticed it may be a little tougher to check off your list.

“There’s just going to be things out of our control, right? I think it’s just good to have some alternatives in your back pocket for this year,” said Leslie Bailey, CEO of Indy Maven.

With supply chain issues, customers have been seeing longer shipping times, higher prices and store shelves aren’t as stocked due to supply chain issues nationwide. If you’re looking for a specific item or you’re a procrastinator, you may leave a store empty handed.

“If you haven’t thought about getting your gifts yet, now is the time. This is your PSA,” said Niki Burt, community director with Yelp.

Instead of buying a traditional gift that you may not be able to find in time, Niki Burt is suggesting a different idea: gifting an outing or an experience.

“The first one would be a cooking class. Katsumi’s Kitchen offers both classes in-person and virtually. You can learn everything from how to make Ramen to how to make sushi from scratch and they’re very fun classes,” said Burt.

Katsumi Teaching Kitchen

If your family or friend isn’t much of a foodie, you can always opt for movie tickets.  Two theaters recently opened in downtown Indianapolis.

“The first one is the Living Room Theaters which is right next to the Bottleworks building. The 2nd is the Kan-Kan Cinema. Both have an in-house restaurant and a cocktail bar,” said Burt.

For more of a hands-on experience, the Indianapolis Arts Center offers classes from clay to glass blowing.

“We have classes for individuals from 2 to 102 in every medium. It’s really that rare case of there’s something for everyone,” said Mark Williams, president of the Indianapolis Arts Center.

The Indianapolis Arts Center has seen a major increase in its class enrollment, especially in their ‘make it and take it’ classes.  More people are wanting to try something new.

“So, I not only think it’s the supply chain but the pandemic has caused that interest,” said Williams.

For a gift that you can use over and over, a pass to our state parks or one of our city’s museums or the zoo lasts all year long.

“I love the idea of giving an experience instead of a thing. I just think that’s just so much more memorable. Memories are priceless as they say anyways,” said Bailey.

Leslie Bailey is the CEO and co-founder of Indy Maven, a digital lifestyle media company.  She’s encouraging people to go with a unique gift, really think about someone’s interests, from food to adventure to wellness, even a day of relaxation at a spa or in a salt cave.

“It’s something that maybe you wouldn’t think to go book yourself but when someone hands you that certificate or says ‘Hey, you’re coming with me,’ what a cool gift, right,” said Bailey.

While there may be supply chain shortages, there’s plenty of creativity when it comes to gift giving.  You may have to think a little harder to completely check off your list, but that gift could end up being even more special this holiday season.

“Honestly, isn’t that what this time of year is all about? Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that we are having to put a little more thought into this,” said

Small Business Saturday is on November 27.