Crews across central Indiana bracing for another snow storm

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GREENWOOD – With the threat of more snow, employees with the Greenwood Street Department have been repairing and preparing their trucks to salt and plow city streets.

The department has a total of 13 trucks. Three of them are brand new. Interim Superintendent, Kenny Duncan, said having those new trucks has helped them tremendously. This winter, central Indiana has been slammed with back to back snow storms.

“We’ve worked a lot of hours. We went through a lot of material. We’ve had quite a few break downs. We did get 3 new trucks this year. It really helped us,” Duncan said.

Employees have worked long hours to guarantee 202 miles in Greenwood remain clear of snow or slush. The department has issued more overtime this year than previous years. Last week, some of their crews worked 20 to 25 overtime hours.

“If it wasn’t for my crew, I (would have sunken). They get all the credit for this ’cause they’ve worked their butts off this year and that’s why we’ve had the success we’ve had,” Duncan said.

Duncan said part of their success was also due to help from other departments. Duncan said he is glad to know their work is making a difference for people in Greenwood.
“That’s our main job. (It’s) to make sure they’re safe,” Duncan said.

On Monday, their crews spent the day repairing their trucks before it snowed.

“We’re just trying to look them over real good and then make an adjustment where we need to. (We’ll make) repairs and (we will) be ready for this next storm,” Duncan said.

They have had to replace many pieces this season like plow blades and cylinders.

“We’re trying to get things ready. (We are trying) to make some repairs trying to get them cleaned back off so we can see good and give them a little TLC,” Duncan said.

Duncan is hopeful this will be the last snow storm. Greenwood is predicted to get 2 to 4 inches of snow.

“If (this isn’t the last snow storm), they’ll be here. The crew(s) will be here and they’ll be ready to go,” Duncan said.

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