INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis has experienced 93 homicides since the beginning of the year. While the city is pacing under the number of homicides it saw in 2021, it remains on pace to experience the second deadliest year.

As of June 9 of 2022, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reported 93 homicides. While this is down from the same time in 2021, it remains higher than any other year.

“This violence is happening all over our city, so nobody is immune,” Reverend David Greene with the Concerned Clergy told FOX59 after a violent weekend in May. “We have got to be real and honest and say we didn’t get in this overnight and it’s going to take a while to get out,” said Greene.

Throughout the month of May, 16 people’s lives were taken from them in a homicide. The homicides took place primarily on the near northeast and west sides of town. Several other areas of town experienced at least one homicide during the month.

A triple shooting on Caroline Street is the driving factor behind the near northeast side experiencing the most homicides during the month of May. Police found three men shot inside a vehicle. Two of them were pronounced dead on the scene while the third died in the hospital.

The homicide victims during the month of May ranged from a 17-year-old shot to death outside an apartment building where a party was going on to a 70-year-old beaten to death during a robbery.

So far in June, 6 additional homicides have taken place. This includes two vehicular homicides. Both homicides were domestic in nature.

In May, Reverend Green told FOX59 he believes reversing the violence numbers means fixing root causes like education and economics, which will take time.

“You know unless we address those core issues and give people hope, a lot of things will go on we don’t want to see,” said Greene.

The City of Indianapolis is reaching out to the community to bring safety resources and social services directly to neighborhoods that may experience crime, violence, and food insecurity at high rates. The series of events is designed to build relationships with neighbors to open the door for better dialogue.

Community advocates are also reaching out to promote peace. This includes a recent Community Love Fest event to promote peace in light of gun violence and crime.