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Crime Mapping: Majority of homicide cases in Indianapolis remain unsolved


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released the latest homicide report Tuesday, showing the majority of homicide cases so far this year remain unsolved.

Data from the reports show of the 103 homicides that took place in 2021 as of May 26, 55 remain unsolved.

Month to month, May has the most unsolved homicides so far, with 80% of homicides that took place that month remaining unsolved. January has the highest clearance rate, with 64% of those homicides being solved as of June 1.

Taking a look at the homicides themselves. The majority of homicide scenes only had 1 victim, 8 scenes had multiple fatalities. The largest homicide scene was the FedEx Ground shooting, where 8 people lost their lives.

The victims range from infants to two 77-year-olds. Males make up the majority of the victims, with the victims being males aged 15-34. The age group with the majority of victims are victims aged 20-24, with 17 victims being in that demographic.

Black men make up almost half of the victims so far in Indianapolis. They make up 48% of victims in Indianapolis.

Gun violence remains the main driver of homicides in Indianapolis. Of the victims so far, gunshots make up 94% of their cause of death.

While the majority of the homicides remain unsolved, police have arrested suspects for a little more than a third of the cases. Taking a look at the suspects that police have arrested, Black males make up the majority of suspects. There are four total female suspects, 2 Black and 2 white.

The IMPD breaks out the city by police beat for investigating crime. Taking a look at IMPD data, the department’s East District has a high concentration of unsolved homicides, while its north district has a high concentration of homicides with arrests.

Anyone with information about any of the homicides is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 317-262-8477.

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