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INDIANAPOLIS — As another violent weekend in the city leaves two dead in less than 24 hours, Indianapolis remains on pace for another record-breaking homicide year.

As of October 11, the IMPD reports 210 homicides. In comparison, at this point in 2020, Indianapolis had not yet broken 200 homicides.

Indianapolis started off the year pacing above 2020 for homicides and has consistently remained on pace to break 2020’s record-breaking homicide count.

In early October, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department provided the latest official count for homicides. In that report, the IMPD reported 18 homicides that took place between September 1 and September 26.

14 of those homicides were determined to be from gunshot wounds. There was also 1 deadly stabbing, two homicides where the manner of death is under investigation and one other homicide.

“Folks have got to understand how to stop conflict resolution without picking up a firearm or some instrument and hurting someone,” said William Young, a Public Information Officer for IMPD after a deadly shooting near 30th and Caroline. “To those who choose to pick up a firearm without trying to resolve your conflict, you will be held responsible.”

The IMPD is working to increase its technology to hold people accountable. On Friday, the department unveiled funding for additional public safety cameras, license plate readers, and a yet to be determined gunshot detection system.

“The reasons that we are adding these tools is very simple,” said Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. “Our city is experiencing an unacceptable level of violence in neighborhoods, across Marion County. And such an unprecedented time calls for an unprecedented response.”

In addition to the technology, the city is spending millions of dollars on community anti-violence groups, expanded mental health resources, and adding 100 police officers.