Crime report ranks Indiana’s safest cities

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (Jan. 14, 2016) – A new report from Consumer Affairs rate cities and towns in states across the nation in a rank from safest to unsafe.

The report is comprised of census data and FBI crime statistics from 2014. Many cities in our area are ranked on the list.

Zionsville ranks #1. That means, according to the report, Zionsville is the safest city or town in the state. Ranks are calculated by burglary odds, police officers, and crime rates. According to the report, Zionsville’s average crime rate per day was less than one. The odds of being burglarized, were one in more than four thousand. Police Chief Robert Knox says the numbers aren’t surprising.

“Burglaries are extremely low. Thefts are low, comparatively speaking,” Knox said.

Carmel and Fishers rank in the top five for safest cities. The report shows each city had on average less than five crimes reported per day in 2014. The odds of a burglary in Carmel are one in 1,216. In Fishers that number is even lower at one in 1,172.

Fishers Police Department Sgt. Tom Weger says the most frequent crimes in Fishers are thefts from motor vehicles. He says burglaries and violent crimes are low because of community involvement.

“We have neighbors that are looking out for one another, so if they see something that’s out of the ordinary in their neighborhood, they pick up the phone and they call 911,” Weger said.

Indianapolis ranks nearly last on the list at 110 out of 112 cities. The report shows your chances of being a victim of a burglary in Indianapolis is one in 71. On average, 286 crimes were reported daily in 2014, according to the report.

For a link to the report, click here.

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