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 INDIANAPOLIS, IN (FOX 59) – Two scooters were violently stolen away from two men driving them overnight.

The first case happened around 10:30 Thursday night. Bobby, who did not want FOX 59 to use his last name, noticed a dark silver Taurus. He was riding his moped near 22nd street. The moped belonged to his friend, Marcos, but Bobby used it as his main form of transportation.

“I was riding down through here and they flew up real close behind me like they were playing,” Bobby said.

Bobby said he tried to get away from the Taurus. He observed three men inside the car. He said someone got out of the back of the car and hit him with a silver pistol. Then, the driver of the car, jumped out and pointed a gun at him. Bobby said the man told him to get off the moped. Bobby complied. After that happened, Bobby ran toward Marcos’ home. He lives nearby.

“We were sitting by my front porch and stuff like that and then, (the) next thing you know, I hear somebody screaming my name,” Marcos said.

Marcos did not want FOX 59 to use his last name. Marcos said he jumped into his car and found Bobby.

“You know, we (tried) to drive around (for) a little bit to see if we (saw something), but we didn’t see (anything),” Marcos said.

More than two hours later, around 1 Friday morning, a second scooter was stolen. The second scooter was stolen about 4 miles away from the first case. According to a police report, a 66-year-old man was on his scooter. He noticed a black car with 2 men inside it. He told deceives the car hit him from behind, knocking him to the ground. He said one of the men jumped onto his scooter. He said the driver sped off and ran over his forearm. It broke. FOX 59 contacted the hospital, an official told me the second victim was listed in fair condition.

“I don’t know it’s just so crazy, you know, just for a moped,” Marcos said.

Bobby said he plans to be more careful.

“I won’t come out after dark (anymore),” Bobby said.

If anyone has any information about these cases, contact the police department. IMPD told FOX 59 they are looking into both cases. It is early in the investigation. It has not been indicated whether the cases are connected.

IMPD has a number of tips people can follow to help protect them from scooter thefts. IMPD said people should lock their moped, do not leave their scooter parked overnight outside, and make sure to be aware of your surroundings.