Teen claims to ‘hear voices’ telling him to do bad things leading to rape and robbery at Castleton hotel

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Myia Kilgore pleaded guilty to assisting a criminal on July 25, 2017. Her other charges were dismissed. She was sentenced to three years in prison, all of which was suspended.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Three teenagers appeared in court on Friday and heard the long list of formal charges against them in connection with rape and robbery at a Castleton hotel last week.

The two males charged are Korey Reaves, 16, and Anthony Fort, 19. They now face more than a dozen felonies each, including rape, attempted armed robbery and kidnapping. They`re being held on bond.

Police were first called last Friday to the Suburban Extended Suites hotel near 465 and I-69.

Prosecutors say that’s where Reaves forced a teenage girl he’d recently met to perform sex acts on him at gunpoint.

A female security guard eventually came to the room to help, but Reaves is accused of sexually assaulting that woman at gunpoint and demanding money as well.

Fort allegedly stood by and watched as the crimes were committed. He too is facing charges of rape and robbery, leaving his mother in tears.

“I just want to have a fair trial because I know my son ain’t done nothing like this,” said Fort’s mother Nanette Payne.

Court records claim Fort told police he attempted to “Persuade Korey to let this woman go and that none of what he was doing was worth it.”

“This has destroyed us.  It’s destroyed everybody and it’s destroyed us and I just don’t know what is going on.  My son is not a rapist.  He’s not a rapist,” said Payne.

Prosecutors say Fort left the hotel with Myia Kilgore who turned 18 this week.  Kilgore allegedly admitted to serving as a getaway driver. She faces 8 felony charges, including kidnapping and attempted armed robbery.

At the same time, Reaves forced the security guard into her own car and drove to an ATM to get some cash.  That’s when police spotted the car and arrested reaves near 34th and Mass Ave.

After his capture Reaves told supposedly investigators, “He was doing all this because he has a young daughter…suffering with cancer.”   Even though Reaves planned the robbery he added, “He has a problem and often hears voices in his head that forces him to make very bad decisions.”

“People with mental illness plan things all the time.  Their plans reflect their mental illness,” said attorney John Tompkins.

Attorney Tompkins isn’t connected to the case, but says a mental evaluation on Reaves should be performed to see if the voices in his head meets the legal requirement of mental insanity.

“You have to see if it’s so profound he doesn’t understand the wrongfulness of his acts or if the voices are so strong he feels powerless to resist them,” said Tompkins.

Reaves and Fort remain behind bars each facing more than a dozen felony charges.

Kilgore was released after posting bond but is due back in court next week because prosecutors want her bond amount to be increased.

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