Angie Barlow murder re-investigated in new podcast

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The disappearance of a dancer in 2016, and the discovery of her body in 2017, and what her murder tells us about under-reported violence and the risks young women face every day in the streets Indianapolis results in the first season of a new FOX59 podcast called Indy Justice.

Angie Barlow moved to Indianapolis after dropping out of high school in Muncie and beginning her career as a dancer at Club Rio on West 38th Street.

“I didn’t like it,” said Angie’s mother Christina Kramer. “I mean, obviously I don’t think any parents likes that.”

Kramer said being a stripper did not define her daughter’s life.

It’s just what Angie did for a living.

“She actually liked what she did,” said Kramer. “She wasn’t one of the dancers that had to go out and get drunk or, you know, be doped up to get out and do what she did. And she just, she did it because she liked it, but we hated it. I mean, absolutely despised it.”

Christina said that even while the money was good, Angie began planning for a way out of the club and off the stage, until she received an anonymous text in October 2016 offering her $500 to dance at a private party in a north side apartment.

Angie texted a happy selfie from the party that night and was never heard from again.

“Tracy who lived with us before, she had gotten a hold of me on October 27th and she just said, ‘Moms, I don’t want you to freak out,’ she said, ‘but I think we have a problem.’ She said, ‘Sis didn’t come home last night.’”

What began was a frantic eight-month-long search for clues to Angie’s disappearance which Kramer recalls included crazy rumors, cruel bogus ransom demands, the discovery of her daughter’s damaged car and a phone call from the woman who last saw Angie alive.

“I said, ‘What did you and Angie talk about?’ And she said, ‘Aw, you want to know what her last words were.’ That was her exact phrase. ‘Aw, you want to know what her exact or you want to know what her last words were.’”

Finally, a tip from an informant led IMPD homicide detectives to the backyard of an empty house on the eastside and the discovery of Angie’s buried body.

The murder of Angie Barlow became Jose Torres’ case.

“Why did somebody want to kill Angie Barlow?” I asked him.

“Well,” said Torres, “there are a couple of theories out there.”

The investigation into the murder of Angie Barlow, and whispered rumors of a serial killer working Indianapolis’ eastside, set us off on a search for answers in this first season of “Indy Justice.”

What we found were the deaths of several young women, some murdered, some fatally overdosed, some without a definable cause of death, who were connected in a tangential way back to the slain dancer.

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