Coroner: Baby had five times therapeutic amount of anti-anxiety drug in system

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Detectives have arrested a mother and father after their daughter tested positive for a large amount of anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam.

Bloomington police officers arrested Brenda Jay, 21, and Joshua Loyd, 31 Friday. Both parents were charged with neglect of a dependent causing death and possession of a controlled substance. Both charges are felonies.

On March 24, officers and emergency crews were called to the 1000 block of Lindbergh Drive on reports of an unresponsive 4-month-old. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital. Initial autopsy results did not show any signs of trauma or injuries.

On April 10, the Monroe County coroner’s office released the results of a blood draw. The baby tested positive for a controlled substance that is also known as Ativan. Captain Joe Qualters said the baby had five times the therapeutic amount for that anti-anxiety drug.

“The manner in which the child ingested the drug or obtained the drug is unknown, but as I stated previously, what is known is that that drug should not have ever been in the house or accessible to the baby,” Captain Qualters said.

Captain Qualters said when detectives searched the couple’s homes, they found a couple of pills that were the same type of drug found in their child’s system. Captain Qualters said the parents told officers they obtained the pills from an acquaintance. The parents told officers they did not give their child Ativan.

“They knowingly admitted they do not have a prescription for it, obtained it illegally from someone and then obviously the coroner and pathologist… it was that drug that attributed to the infant’s death,” Captain Qualters said.

Police said Jay already has a child neglect conviction on her record involving another child.

Fox59 contacted the child’s parents but they declined to comment.

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