Councilors consider district-specific crime prevention plan


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — City-county councilors on the public safety committee discussed a new data-driven plan to tackle factors impacting crime in each of their districts. They passed an amended proposal during their four-hours long meeting Wednesday night.

The idea is to use $1.25 million of allocated funding on grassroots organizations and efforts. The money will be dispersed among each of the 25 districts, based on need. So, the districts with the highest need for crime intervention and prevention would get the most money ($80,000/district), and the districts with the lowest need would get the lowest amount ($20,000/district).

“What we wanted to do is give each district councilor an opportunity to be more grassroots with their effort in each district to support those initiatives that can help public safety in those districts,” Chairman Leroy Robinson explained.

Each councilor will get data on their district collected by IUPUI researchers which shows them factors which impact crime, like poverty and single-parent homes. It also shows a neighborhood segregation score, based on race and income, and crime score.

Based on this info, councilors will essentially choose which focus and organization it wants to work with, along with guidance from the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

“We already know anecdotally that there’s different needs in different districts,” Robinson said. “We know that district one which is my district in northwest Pike doesn’t have the same needs for public safety as district 13 or district 14.”

This proposal now moves to the city-county council for a vote.

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