Court docs: Man high on synthetic ‘Katie’ sexually assaults woman in front of children


Harold Gaddie III

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A man is facing charges after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in front of her children on the northeast side. The man was reportedly high on a synthetic drug, according to court documents.

On May 14, IMPD officers were called to the 3900 block of Breen Drive, near East 38th Street and North Post Road just before 7:30 p.m. The 911 caller reported a man wearing a white shirt and boxers was banging on their door.

When officers arrived, they found a man yelling at the suspect, 37-year-old Halold Gaddie III. Police say he was telling Gaddie to “leave that woman alone!”

The man said Gaddie had been exposing his genitals outside the woman’s apartment and tried to force his way inside. The woman opened the door and told Gaddie to leave, according to court documents.

The officers say when Gaddie saw them approaching him, he forced his way inside the apartment and slammed the door behind him. The officers knocked on the door and the woman came out to talk to them. In the report, they said she “was extremely emotionally distraught and seemed panicked” while speaking to the officers.

The woman said she was inside with children when someone started knocking hard on the door. She thought it might be one of the neighborhood kids playing a prank, but when she cracked the door she saw a man in his underwear. She said he overpowered her and got inside.

Once inside, the woman said Gaddie grabbed her breasts while forcing her backwards. He didn’t say anything, and just had an “out there” look in his eyes, she said. She was able to fight back and eventually pushed him backwards and out of the apartment. She then shut the door and called police.

The children witnessed the entire incident, the victim said.

The officers were able to arrest Gaddie despite him allegedly kicking and spitting at them while yelling that they wouldn’t take him. He had calmed down by the time paramedics arrived.

Court documents show Gaddie admitted to smoking “synthetic Katie,” which police say is a slang term for synthetic marijuana. He admitted to using it before and said he had a violent reaction then as well. He apologized to the officers for fighting with them.

Gaddie was arrested on initial charges of sexual battery, residential entry, battery against a public safety official, resisting law enforcement and public nudity.

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