East side murder victim was ‘known associate’ of Grundy Crew

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The scene in the alley off the 3000 block of North Gladstone Avenue bordered on hysteria Wednesday as neighbors and friends shrieked and cried at the discovery of the bodies of Mack Taylor and Alexander Brown.

Investigators think the pair was killed a block away in a suspected drug house, so their assailants could be anyone double-crossed in the city’s narcotics trade.

But an examination of court filings and Facebook postings link Taylor with the notorious Grundy Crew and its reputed leader who was recently released on bond after more than 18 months behind bars.

Richard Grundy III, said his attorney, was shocked at the death of his, “dear friend,” who was, “like a brother,” to the man police have accused of running a murderous drug gang that resorted to homicide to instill discipline and wipe out its enemies until the crew’s take down in January of 2015.

Keirian Brown said even Taylor’s own mother doubts Grundy could be involved in the murder of her son.

Taylor, though, seemed to know he was living on borrowed time in the days after Grundy’s arrest.

“Taylor then made a comment that they (incarcerated suspects) were going to know that he didn’t immediately go the Arrestee Processing Center at the time of his arrest and he was a ‘Dead Man,’” reads a detective’s probable cause affidavit detailing an unsuccessful attempt to interview Taylor about the night he was with Grundy when the gang lead investigators on a gunfire-filled chase through a north side neighborhood. “When asked to elaborate on that statement, Taylor just repeated that he was a, ‘Dead Man.’”

Before and after the arrest of Grundy and his associates, Taylor remained Facebook friends with the jailed boss.

Multiple postings show Taylor’s support for Grundy while incarcerated and on August 29, following his release from custody in Marion County on murder charges and Texas on a drug case, Grundy and Taylor posed in a photo with a child under the notation, “Who snitching my n**** rite here wit me.”

Taylor is mentioned several times in court documents that detailed two sets of criminal charges against Grundy and his associates and family members.

John Means is charged with carrying out a pair of double murders in the winter of 2014, allegedly at Grundy’s direction.

Murder charges against Grundy have been dropped, though he still faces conspiracy counts related to the killings.

Taylor and his cell phone were recipients of calls from associates, including Means, after the murders and a Facebook posting indicates Taylor was babysitting Means’ son in the days after the alleged hit man’s arrest.

Another jailhouse phone call audio tape recounts Taylor’s promise to a jailed comrade that he would come into a “bankroll” upon his release if a witness were killed.

Investigators discovered a spring 2014 video on a cell phone of, “movies of Richard Grundy and Mack Taylor rapping about murders and snitches.”

Taylor’s Facebook page also features a photograph of a tattoo common to many members of the Grundy Crew of a dead rat and the warning, “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR that snitch s*** I don’t honor MOB.”

Investigators observed that tattoo when they discovered Taylor’s body.

Various murder cases against Grundy have been dismissed because one informant lied to investigators about her identity and another witness was found to be in jail at the time he claimed he was present during a conversation between Grundy and another man about a killing.

When Grundy was finally bonded out of the Marion County Jail in August, he was transported to Texas, where he faces a drug charge.

He was released on bond in that case too, and returned to Indianapolis where he is scheduled to attend a pre-trial hearing next week on the remaining conspiracy charges.

Grundy’s attorney said, “The State alleges a grand organization of mafia-type proportions,” against his client.

“People would love to hear from Richard on a myriad of topics,” said Brown who claimed his client is, “afraid people of the government are after him.”

Brown said that Taylor’s death is actually detrimental to Grundy’s defense as he maintains that in one audio tape investigators mistakenly identified Grundy on a phone in which Taylor actually participated in the conversation.

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