Family member of west side hit-and-run victim helps track down suspected van involved

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police say they’re questioning a suspect after two people on a motorcycle were hit by a van. Both people were injured and the van took off.

The crash happened Tuesday on the west side of Indianapolis.

Chris Morford is still angry knowing someone left his cousin, Elisha Johnson, and Elisha’s fiancée, Bobbi Jo Cardwell, to die.

The couple was heading eastbound near the intersection of Denison Street and Washington Street when the van hit them.

“The driver was swerving across the intersection and then just cut right in front of him. There was nothing he could do,” Morford said.

A surveillance camera nearby recorded video of a red van crashing into the couple.

“Elisha was underneath the van and the driver got out and dragged Elisha mostly from underneath. While he was trying to make his flee, he ended up running over Elisha on the way down Denison,” Morford said.

At the time of the crash no one knew what the van in question looked like, until Morford says he found the surveillance video. He says he spent seven hours the day after the crash knocking on doors, asking anyone if they saw anything.

“Elisha’s leg is pretty crushed. They said they couldn’t find part of his knee when the driver ran over him a second time trying to flee. Bobbi Jo she is really on the fence. It doesn’t look too good with swelling. Her vitals are up more and she is fighting,” Morford said.

Morford says neighbors helped a lot with giving him information about the possible van.

“They kept telling me where to go, who has similar vans. That’s really what led up to finding the van. I was able to forward that along to detectives to check out a house that I was at yesterday,” Morford said.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirms detectives have recovered a vehicle possibly connected to the crash. They also have a suspect and are still investigating.

Morford is just holding on to hope his cousin and his fiancée will be okay.

“He’s such a great person that’s what gave me the drive to continue my search and bring justice to Elisha and Bobbi Jo,” Morford said.

Police are still encouraging anyone with information on the crash to call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS.

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