Franklin couple’s wedding night spoiled by thief

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FRANKLIN, Ind. – Their wedding night theft left a groom out of a work and their honeymoon in question.

Mitch and Maria Lawson tied the knot Saturday night in Nashville, Indiana. When they woke up the next day, they realized their honeymoon fund had been stolen.

“Day after the wedding, woke up hungover to this,” Mitch joked.

Once they got to their Franklin home, Mitch noticed all of his tools were taken as well. Mitch owns a construction company. The roughly $4,500 theft put him out of work for days.

“Now I have to go to all the investors I work with, and tell them their projects are on hold, that they have deadlines for,” Mitch said.

On Friday, Franklin Police arrested 23-year-old Christian Alstott for the tool robbery. He had been invited to the wedding, and Mitch said Alstott dropped his brother-in-law off at his house after the celebration. The brother-in-law not only works for Alstott but is best friends with Alstott.

“When he found out he kind of tripped out a little bit,” Mitch said of his brother-in-law and the tool robbery, “I don’t think it hit him, you don’t have a job either at the moment.”

Police reports said Alstott tried to sell the tools and even attempted to recruit someone to help with the theft. The report states the person declined, and some of the potential buyers questioned where the tools came from.

Mitch said he now has more than 90% of his tools back. The report said Alstott told potential buyers and police that the tools were given to him by his grandfather. He also stated that some of the tools were given to him by a friend to hold, and that he wasn’t trying to sell those tools. However, police say Mitch was able to identify nearly all the tools as his own.

“You have no idea. I just about hit the floor crying when I saw all my tools sitting there in the bullpen of the Franklin police station,” Mitch said.

The couple still plans on going on their honeymoon cruise even though the money hasn’t been recovered. Mitch believes Alstott is behind that theft as well, but the stolen cash is not part of the FPD investigation.

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