Group of children caught on video robbing west side business

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A business on the west side of Indianapolis became the target of thieves this week. But it wasn’t what the thieves did, but rather who they were that’s so surprising.

Surveillance video captured a group of young children breaking into the United State of Indiana print shop on Kirkbride Way Tuesday evening. The group then began wreaking havoc inside the shop.

“Stuff was kind of strewn about everywhere, they ruined some stuff. They just kind of had a good time in there throwing things around,” Co-owner Grant Gilman said.

Gilman says some of the kids don’t look like they’re much older than 10 years old, but were able to either steal or damage thousands of dollars in merchandise and property.

“It just kind of made me sad that they were a bunch of kids getting so much glee from destroying all of our stuff,” Gilman said.

Police say they’re currently investigating the incident, but so far, haven’t identified any of the suspects.

Gilman says despite the damage, he hopes kids don’t get into too much trouble.

“Kids make mistakes and do stupid things. We would like to meet with them, and just talk about what happened. But we’re not trying to throw kids in internment camps here,” he said.

Gilman says he believes the kids live close to the shop and have been back around the shop since Tuesday.

Gilman added that he and his business partner are in the process of adding an alarm system and camera upgrades to help with security as a result of the break-in.

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