Group working to reduce violence in Indianapolis takes part in national summit for ideas


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis TenPoint Coalition is looking to get new ideas from a summit about gun violence prevention. 

The National Clergy Gun Violence Prevention Summit virtual event is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday. 

This year the homicide record was broken in the Circle City with 191 homicides so far. 

Rev. Charles Harrison, the Indianapolis TenPoint Coalition board president, says this isn’t the only city that has broken its homicide record. He says this year there has been record-breaking violence across the county and this event will allow the faith leaders and anti-violence groups to come together and learn from each other.  

The coalition works to reduce violence and death by partnering with the faith-based community, law enforcement, business and community leader and others. Now, Harrison is hoping to pick up new ideas to help with their efforts. 

“When you listen to what other groups are doing across the country, some of the success and what can we bring to Indianapolis to assist us in our violence. What cities have similar patterns of violence as Indianapolis,” said Harrison. 

Harrison says they’ve been helping reduce violence for the past five years in Indianapolis, and he plans on sharing what’s worked for them in the summit. 

He also says this year has shown many challenges with the work that they do to prevent violence and part of fixing the problem is understanding what causes it.  

Harrison says this event will be different because of the collaboration from other places experiencing similar issues. 

“This is the first time I’ve been a part of this where you’ll see leaders from cities all across the country. From the west coast and California. To the east coast in New York and New Jersey. The south in Florida and places like Alabama, Birmingham and Atlanta, Georgia,” said Harrison. 

Harrison says he’s hoping that learning what the root cause of violence is in other countries will help them address it here.  

“I’m hoping to really hear what’s working. And what are the dynamics that is causing the violence nationwide, and are there similarities to what we’re experiencing in Indianapolis that is driving the violence.” 

He says causes could be things like drug trafficking or illegal guns. He’s eager to see how other places are combating those issues.

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