Hole left in side of Indy gun store in burglary; police confirm firearms stolen


Police investigate whether a structure collapse at 500 Guns was part of a burglary attempt.

INDIANAPOLIS — Police responded to a structure collapse at a gun shop on the near northwest side early Friday morning, and they are now investigating its link to a burglary.

The structure collapse happened at 500 Guns on W. 16th Street just before 3 a.m.

Police said they found a hole on the side of the building that they say may have been caused by a vehicle.

A videographer on scene said another car was temporarily placed in front of the hole to block it.

Police confirm firearms were stolen, but it’s unclear how many or what kinds.

In 2013, the same store was hit by burglars who used a vehicle to tear the store’s security bars from the front of the building.

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