IMPD arrests 2 suspects in shooting of Indiana judges

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UPDATE (May 10, 2019)– The Marion County Prosecutor’s office decided to not file criminal charges at this time in connection with this incident. Read more here.

Original story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Police say two suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting of two Indiana judges outside of an Indianapolis White Castle.

The two men were both arrested Sunday in connection with the incident.

One man faces preliminary charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, carrying a handgun without a license and battery. The other is preliminarily charged with assisting a criminal.

The shooting happened May 1 around 3:20 a.m. at the 55 West South Street location.

Both of the gunshot victims, Brad Jacobs and Andrew Adams, are judges in Clark County, Indiana. They were in town for Spring Judicial College, which started Wednesday morning. Both are still recovering.

Witnesses told police the victims and two other persons visited several downtown restaurants and bars. The group went to the bar adjacent the White Castle, but it was closed. While outside the White Castle, the two victims and another person stood near the building, while a fourth person went into the restaurant.

Police say a vehicle then pulled into the lot and parked, and people from inside the vehicle got out and attempted to get into the restaurant, but the doors were locked. Words were then exchanged between the groups and a physical fight ensued. Eventually, shots were fired, and the two victims were hit.

Court documents show during their investigation, police canvassed bars in the downtown area and learned that the suspects had been inside of one. Surveillance video shows the suspects were kicked out of the bar between 2:30 – 3 a.m. Police were able to confirm it was them through their physical appearance and the receipt showing one of the men’s credit card was used.

On May 4, police attempted to talk to one of the men after seeing him exit and re-enter his home, but he did not respond. He eventually came out of the house after SWAT was called and police served a search warrant at the home in the 2000 block of Wallace Avenue. One man was found at a home in the 600 block of N. Wallace.

Police say a black Ruger 9mm was found while searching one of the men’s home.

When officers interviewed one of the men, court documents show he admitted to being at the bar with the other man and paying for the tab. One of the men also told officers he went to the White Castle with the other man and they got into a physical fight with two people he didn’t know.

He said he stopped fighting because he felt the man he was fighting had had enough.

Around this time, one of the men “came up from the ground to his knees retrieving a gun from his waist band and shot Adams in the stomach,” the probable cause document reads.

One of the men then walked up to Jacobs and allegedly shot him in the chest. While Jacobs was on the ground, police say the same man shot him a second time in the chest. Both then got into an SUV and sped away.

“There was no justification for that one person to fire those shots at those two men who are my friends and are judges,” said attorney Larry Wilder.  “Two of our own were in a place where someone tried to kill them and take their lives. All the other facts bore me.”

The sheriff in Clark County says news of the arrests are a relief to him.

“I feel more at ease and I know the family does.  We take judges security very personally,” said Clark County sheriff Jamey Noel.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) released video of the suspects at the White Castle last week.

Both suspects are due in court Wednesday morning.

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