IMPD wounds man as 3 injured in shootout


UPDATE: The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) released the identity of the officer involved in Sunday’s shooting at Pleasant Run Parkway. On Friday, IMPD Chief Randal Taylor announced 19-year veteran Marshall Berkebile as the officer.

INDIANAPOLIS — Three people were injured during an eastside shootout late Sunday morning, one of them wounded by IMPD officers at the Parkway Terrace Apartments.

“Just before 12 p.m., IMPD officers were called to the 4500 block of Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive on a report of a disturbance with a gun,” said IMPD Sgt. Grace Sibley. “As they were arriving, they observed a large disturbance outside of the residence. They were able to hear shots being fired as they were arriving. They exited their vehicles, and they encountered a suspect who was armed. That suspect pointed a firearm at the officers and shot at least one time at the officers. IMPD officers returned fire, striking the subject. They were able to then apprehend the suspect without any further incident. He was apprehended with a firearm.”

A copper colored Chevrolet Impala showed evidence of the shootout with five bullet holes in the windshield.

“I heard three gunshots. I ran out to my door, there was cops surrounding this building, and there was a guy with a handgun out front,” said Jennie Moore. “I seen a girl that was running toward Washington Street that was shot and another girl laying on the ground outside my door yelling that it was her sister that was shot, and there was a lady that had shot that was running that way.”

Police say all three persons who suffered gunshot wounds were transported by ambulance in stable condition.

A source indicates the parking lot dispute began as a social media disagreement that resulted in a planned confrontation.

The man who was wounded by IMPD officers is suspected in the shooting of at least one woman, and another woman who was taken into custody is suspected in the shooting of the third person.

“At this time the suspect who did fire shots at the officer is considered a suspect in the aggravated assault of the two adults who were shot on scene,” said Sibley. “We’re doing everything we can to figure out what happened and exactly who shot who first.”

Nakesha House was walking through the parking lot when the bullets began to fly.

“It was just a lot of arguing and fighting, and one thing let to another, and they get to shooting,” she said. “It’s crazy out here these days. People need to learn to get along. We all got to coexist out here. All the violence that goes on out here is beyond me.”

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