Court documents reveal disturbing details in domestic battery case involving IMPD officer


Daniel Bullman

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UPDATE (9/27/18) – Prosecutors say Bullman will serve 7 to 12 years and be on probation for 4 years afterwards.

UPDATE (8/7/18) – Bullman was found guilty on eight counts related to domestic violence.

Original Story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind– A 10-year veteran Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officer is facing several felony charges.

Daniel Bullman, 33, was arrested Wednesday morning on 13 charges, eight of which are felonies:

  • One count of neglect of a dependent (Class D felony)
  • One count of battery (Class B misdemeanor)
  • One count of battery resulting in bodily injury (Class D felony)
  • Four counts of domestic battery (Class A misdemeanor)
  • One count of criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon (Class B felony)
  • One count of intimidation with a deadly weapon (Class C felony)
  • One count of pointing a firearm at another person (Class D felony)
  • One count of criminal confinement (Level 6 felony)
  • One count of kidnapping with bodily injury (Level 5 felony)
  • One count of battery in the presence of a child  (Level 6 felony)

According to IMPD, the investigation began in early May after the Domestic Violence Unit began to look into allegations of domestic violence disturbances involving Bullman and his estranged wife. His alleged offenses date back to January 1, 2013 and continue through March 1, 2015.

Police say the incidents occurred at or near his Indianapolis home, except for one which occurred in Washington, D.C.

According to court documents, his wife told police he started becoming physical with her during arguments after the birth of their second child. She said they separated after he hit her two times in front of the children in 2013. He moved out.

Bullman agreed to counseling and the two got back together in March 2014 after she said she saw “positive changes.”

In November 2015, his wife says Bullman told her he was “involved” with a female member of the IMPD Explorer program. Court documents show the woman committed suicide on November 2, 2015.

His wife says he became more erratic and delusional after that. Fearing more violence, she filed for divorce in January 2016. On May 10, she filed a protective order against Bullman, based on past violence and threatening messages. The order was granted.

Court documents show text messages sent from Bullman to his wife on May 9, 2016:

“Right now, I’m only interested in going to (an IMPD officer) and (another IMPD officer) and putting a bullet in their heads. I’m furious. This Dept failed…..this city needs more dead cops.”

An additional text message in the court documents from April 6, 2016 reads:

“I’ll be a hero. A whistle blower fighting police corruption. And if not I have nothing to lose. You have taken everything I’ve ever worked for. He took my only friend. My home, all my belongings, my family, and you did it via text…..I have nothing. I’m sorry you’ll be sacrificed in all of this, but you chose your side. You are with them.”

Bullman also allegedly said to his children, “Mommy said I can’t live here anymore. She doesn’t want us to be family. She doesn’t think I’m a good dad. She doesn’t want me to be your dad anymore. I have to go find a new place to live and I don’t have a place to live.”

His wife said at one point during an argument, he held his IMPD duty handgun to her head. There were several instances of abuse reported in court documents where Bullman was said to have punched her and kicked her. In some cases, he would urge her to “fight back.” During one incident, he made her “get on her knees and beg or bark like a dog.”

During one argument that was described as more heated than usual, court documents show Bullman walked over to the bed of one of his children and pointed his gun at the child’s head and said “You know I could end (the child) right now.” The child was asleep and did not wake up.

Bullman’s wife told police she didn’t report the abuse previously because she says Bullman told her, “Even if you tell somebody, they’re not going to believe you. I’m the police.”

Bullman has been suspended with a recommendation for termination. He has been employed with IMPD since April 2006 and most recently was assigned to the East District.

There are several resources available for you to utilize if you are a victim of domestic abuse.  



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