IMPD officer to be returned to Indianapolis, accused of attempted murder

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says an off-duty officer shot an on-duty detective Friday night on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m. IMPD officers were dispatched to the scene in the 6700 block of Valley Brook Way, near East Southport Road and Emerson Avenue. They were dispatched on reports of domestic violence between an off-duty IMPD officer, Adrian “Scott” Aurs, 42, and his estranged wife. When police arrived the Aurs was not on-scene.

A detective with IMPD was then called to the scene around 10:30 p.m.

The detective is with the Special Investigations Unit, who is responsible for investigating criminal allegations against IMPD officers and other Public Safety officials. During the course of his investigation Aurs returned and opened fire.

IMPD said the officer shot the detective. The detective, wearing plain clothes, returned fire but missed.

Aurs fled in his personal vehicle. Police eventually tracked the suspect to Cincinnati, where he was taken into custody early Saturday morning. Aurs is an 18-year IMPD veteran who was suspended without pay pending termination. He was assigned to the Southwest District.

(Video Courtesy: WKRC)

Detectives traveled to Cincinnati to begin the process of bringing Aurs back to Indianapolis to face criminal charges, including attempted murder.

The detective, a 20-year veteran of IMPD, is in good condition at Methodist hospital with injuries to his elbow and back. He will need surgery for his injuries.

Children were present at the time of the shooting, but are OK. The victim in the domestic case is also safe.

This is the second IMPD officer shot this week.

IMPD Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham says fellow officers are still shaken about this incident.

“I think we’re all shocked because when tensions rise we lean on each other, so when we have an assault between 2 officers in a blue on blue shooting,  it just crumbles what we feel that we have some solidarity and faith in,” said Cunningham.

This is not the first time Aurs has had a run-in with the law.  In May, police were called to the same apartment by Aurs’s estranged wife for harassment.

She told officers she and Aurs were separated, but he showed up at her apartment one night and started knocking on her windows. In 2012, Aurs was involved in a fatal accident in his personal car while off duty.

In 2004, Aurs was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in his personal car after running into another car on I65. Aurs was arrested after refusing to take a breath test.

In 2003, he was shot in the chest while on duty responding to a call.

On Saturday, the Indianapolis FOP released this statement on the shooting of the IMPD Detective.

“Our collective membership is deeply troubled by the events of Friday night which resulted in the shooting of an IMPD Detective.

The actions of the criminal suspect in this matter do not represent the values and ethos of the women and men of our organization or our policing profession.

We are confident the full measure of the applicable laws will be utilized to ensure proper justice is fulfilled.

In the interim, we take solace in the actions of the detective who bravely stood the line defending the other victims involved. Although wounded, the detective remained faithful to his oath and this community.

Our thoughts are with all the families involved, especially the children.

We ask for the continued support of our City as our wounded officer and this department begin to heal from this terrible incident.”

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