IMPD reports 2020 crime down in several significant categories


INDIANAPOLIS– Recently released statistics by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) show crime is off by approximately one-third in several significant categories across the city this year.

The report comes as Indianapolis has already recorded 187 homicides for the year, blowing past a previous annual high last week, and at a pace to account for more than 230 killings by the end of the year.

While murders were up 31% at the end of September compared to the year before, the statistics have dropped significantly in a number of areas.

Rape was down year-to-date Jan.1 – Sept. 39 by 31% compared to the year before.

Robbery was off 22%. Aggravated assault slumped 39% and burglary dropped 32%.

Larcency fell four percent while arson was up 14% and motor vehicle theft climbed 44%.

“I don’t think that surprises me as much as the murder rate is as high as its been for several years now,” said Kevin Anker before he took the stage outside the City County Building on Richard Lugar Plaza to entertain voters waiting to cast ballots. “The neighborhood I live in is kind of quiet peaceful stretch of the city. I know occasionally there’s some activity up around 86th and Ditch but back in the neighborhoods its not so much.”

“Oh, it’s creeping up there,” said Roger Engelken as he stood in line with his wife to vote. “We live over by the Pyramid area and we’re seeing it more and more in that area now.”

“Yes, that surprises me,” said Omar Yaffa as he waited to vote, “because a lot of times in the news we see somebody got shot.

“I feel safe. You have to know who you’re dealing with.”

Last week, IMPD reported that overall crime and violent crime dropped significantly in Indianapolis last year despite steady homicide numbers which will eventually pale in comparison with this year’s record tally.

In September, the FBI’s annual crime report for 2019 did not include statistics from Indianapolis due to a technical glitch that foiled IMPD’s attempt to account for its yearly numbers.

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