Indianapolis community member calls new homicide record disgusting and heartbreaking


INDIANAPOLIS — Community members and groups are disappointed with the record number of homicides in Indianapolis.

Peace Keepers Indianapolis Founder Horatio Luster calls it disgusting.

“My prayer is for those families that have lost loved ones. However, we have to nip this thing in the bud from where we are right now,” Luster explained.

The coroner classifies 180 deaths as homicides so far this year.

Luster says in years past he thought the violence was out of hand and asked himself then “if the work I’m doing is making a difference?”

“We have broken our own record. This is record breaking you would ask yourself what’s the use? Why does it make sense to keep doing what I’m doing?” Luster said.

Still, Luster chooses to focus on the work to be done.

“If I didn’t believe what I believe and like I believe I probably would’ve walked away a long time ago,” Luster said.

Some like Mary East don’t have the choice to walk away.

She lost her son and a cousin to gun violence.

“It’s not easy. You don’t move forward you try to learn to deal with it,” East said.

East is friends with the father of 22-year-old Daniel Baxter found shot dead inside a car at the corner of 30th and keystone, yesterday.

She says he called her for advice this morning.

“He asked me how I walk that path. I told him it’s not a path you walk by you go day by day trying to live without your child,” East explained.

Luster says it’s time to stop placing blame and work together to reduce crime happening in the Circle City.

“People want to blame the mayor. They want to blame the police department. We want to blame the city council. All of us may have our faults somewhere. However, that’s not getting anything done with us constantly complaining,” Luster said.

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