Indianapolis family loses second 16-year-old to gun violence

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INDIANAPOLIS — When Carla Amos received a phone call on August 23 announcing that her nephew, Ameir Ford, was killed at the Washington Pointe Apartments in a drive-by shooting, it stirred up memories of the death of her own brother, the uncle Ameir would never know, 27 years ago.

“It’s Stevie again. It’s Stevie again,” Carla remembers thinking. “Shouldn’t no parent have to go through what I seen my momma and daddy go through, what I seen my sister go through of losing a child to gun violence.”

Ford was 16-years-old on the day he died last month, the same age as his uncle Steven Amos when he was shot to death on July 25, 1993.

“We was just devastated when he was killed,” said Carla, who recalled that two groups of friends who didn’t get along were visiting her brother’s house. “In the midst of that, an altercation broke out and my brother was like, ‘I’m friends with you. I’m friends with you. There ain’t gonna be no shooting over at my parents’ house, cuz my parents was at church and my daddy was preaching that day, and the guy pulled the trigger and my brother stepped in front of the bullet trying to save his friends and he got hit.”

Stevie’s killer was arrested and sent to prison.

The murder of Ford is still a mystery.

“His sister said that she heard the gunshots from the inside, she takes her little brother into a room, runs outside and sees Ameir laying on the walkway up to their door,” said Carla. “Nobody saw nothing. That’s all I been hearing. I have no leads.”

A bullet hole still scars the window of Ford’s bedroom window as teddy bears mark a memorial on the sidewalk.

“I don’t see him being in nothing,” said Carla as she recounted that Ford had spent the night before his killing cutting a music video and eating chicken wings with friends. “Because I don’t know Ameir to be in any type of trouble. I just know Ameir to be a good kid, laughing, joking, being a handyman, helping his momma with his brothers and sisters. That’s the Ameir I know. I don’t see him being in nothing.”

Ford was poised on the beginning of his sophomore year at Warren Central High School when he died.

Aunt Carla prizes side-by-side photographs of her slain brother and nephew, both teenagers, posing in football gear.

“When you kill this person, they’re gone. We’re left with the grieving,” said Carla. “My nephew and my brother, they’re resting in peace. There’s no peace here for us.”

If you know anything about the murder of Ford at the Washington Pointe Apartments on Indianapolis’ east side two weeks ago, call Crimestoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

Your information could be worth a $1,000 reward.

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