Indianapolis firefighter arrested on domestic charges, accused of battering woman in front of child


Landon Colip

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UPDATE (Oct. 17, 2019)– Landon Colip pleaded guilty to domestic battery and intimidation, leading to all other charges being dropped. He resigned in March. He’ll serve two years on community corrections and one year on probation.

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RUSHVILLE, Ind. – Authorities in Rush County arrested an Indianapolis firefighter accused of domestic battery.

Landon Colip, a 13-year veteran with IFD, is charged with strangulation, domestic battery in the presence of a child and intimidation, according to court documents.

A woman told people about four incidents in which Colip battered her at her home. In one case on Nov. 12, 2017, she said he smacked her in the head while she was standing next to a wooden fence post. She hit her head on the post, causing a bruise to form under her right eye and leading to some swelling on her right temple. She said a juvenile was present during the incident.

Later that day, she said Colip pushed her down to the floor struck her “several times with an open hand.”

On Dec. 9, 2017, she said Colip grabbed her arms and shoved her into a workbench. This also happened while a juvenile was present, according to court documents. Later that day, she said he shoved her into a livestock trailer, hurting her head and back.

She later fell in a hog barn that day and said Colip “picked her up off the ground by her hair in an angry manner.” He later threatened to kill her, she told investigators.

On Jan. 16, 2018, she said Colip was angry at her because she hadn’t picked up his prescription. When she told him he could get it himself, he pushed her into the kitchen counter and then placed his hands around her throat, making it difficult to breathe, court documents said. She told investigators that she felt like she was going to pass out before he let go. He said “nighty night” during the incident, the woman said.

She reported another incident on Jan. 31, 2018, according to court documents. She said she was sitting with Colip in a car when he “slapped her several times with an open hand, striking her head.”

The woman told investigators that she was “in fear of her life” and “scared” of Colip. She provided police with photos of her injuries and a recording of the Dec. 9 incident.

The recording was mostly audio, police said, but investigators could hear Colip being verbally abusive toward her and said it sounded like “you could hear Colip shove the victim into something.”

Colip was arrested on a domestic battery charge and taken to the Rush County Jail.

The Indianapolis Fire Department acknowledged Colip’s arrest in a statement that said he’s been with the department for 13 years:

Private Colip is an active firefighter with the IFD and has served on the department for 13 years.  We are monitoring the pending investigation.  The IFD has General Orders, Policies and Procedures that address this type of issue which is currently being handled internally based on the information we have.  The department will continue to follow up further upon additional information being made available.

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