Indianapolis man allegedly stole house, pretended to be millionaire for girlfriend


Photo of Gregory Harris courtesy of CastleRock REO via IndyStar (left); mug shot of Gregory Harris

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis man is accused of pretending to be a millionaire to impress his girlfriend.

Gregory D. Harris, 48, has been charged with burglary and theft after he allegedly stole a BMW SUV and moved into a home on the city’s southeast side with his girlfriend.

According to court documents, Harris made an offer in early April to purchase a home in the 5500 block of Black Cherry Circle. The home was being sold through CastleRock REO.

A CastleRock REO told Harris that other bidders who made higher offers were still being considered.

According to court documents, on April 7 a local realtor went to the property to show a potential buyer, but the “For Sale” sign and the lockbox had been removed.

The same thing happened on April 10 when another local realtor went to the property to show a potential buyer. The doorknobs had also been replaced and the furniture inside the home had been moved.

On April 11 a CastleRock REO representative began a text conversation with Harris and he admitted to removing the signs and changing the locks because he thought that since he made an offer he now owned the home. Harris then emailed the representative falsified documents including a quitclaim deed, a purchase and sale agreement and a proof of insurance.

The representative told Harris he needed to vacate the premises immediately, and in response, he sent her a picture of a BMW SUV parked in the driveway.

On April 15, officers were dispatched to the home on a report of a person trespassing. When officers arrived they found Harris and his girlfriend on scene. According to court documents, Harris admitted to police that he removed the locks and the “For Sale” sign.

Officers located the keys to the lock on Harris during a search incident to arrest.

Officers spoke with Harris’ girlfriend, and she said that she had been dating Harris since January. According to court documents, he told her he was a millionaire and he bought her a BMW SUV. Officers later discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Carmel.

Inside the SUV, officers allegedly found a book, “TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald,” a laptop, two flash drives, a cell phone, and documentation in a black bag.

According to court documents, Harris’ girlfriend found the house online, and she told him she liked it. Later in the day, he told her he was purchasing the house, and then he took pictures of himself inside the home and sent them to her. The girlfriend told police that she had moved all of her belongings inside the home.

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