Indy’s non-fatal shootings skyrocketed in 2020; IMPD says uncooperative victims hinder investigations


INDIANAPOLIS — Non-fatal shootings are a daily problem in Indianapolis. According to numbers released by IMPD this week, last year someone was shot and wounded in the city every 12 hours on average.

Police confirm the number of non-fatal shootings increased nearly 42% from 2019 to 2020, and a vast majority of those shootings go unsolved because the victims refuse to cooperate.

On Echo Way in a neighborhood on the northwest side, two people were shot and wounded this month. Those victims later showed up at a hospital for help.

Days later, a second shooting on the same street damaged the front door and window frame of a nearby home on Watercrest Way, leaving the family that lives inside terrified.

“We don’t feel safe anymore. Our peace was destroyed, essentially,” said that victim who asked to remain anonymous.

While police don’t track the number of homes damaged by gunfire, they do count the number of non-fatal shootings, which saw a huge spike in 2020.

Last year, there were 714 victims, compared to 523 the year before and 492 victims in 2018.

Police say there’s also an even more alarming stat.

“It’s probably close to 60 or 70% of our non-fatal shooting victims are not cooperative. They either give us false information or just give us no information and flat out don’t cooperate,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Chris Bailey.

For example, just this past weekend, someone shot a juvenile on Burkhart drive. Police say that victim withheld information from police.

An hour later, another man was shot in the stomach on Thickett drive. In that case, police were given conflicting stories about what happened.

That’s why the man who had his home shot last week on Watercrest agrees with police that victims speaking up and getting their neighbors to watch out for each other is critical to making the city safer.

“I think it really comes down to communication and being able to provide support for our community,” said the victim.

Last year, there were 75 more victims than there were incidents. That’s because some of the non-fatal shootings involve multiple injuries.

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