Man accused of infecting baby with STD tests negative

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The Ohio man accused of giving a Muncie baby genital warts tested negative for that sexually transmitted disease, according to the man’s attorney.

The attorney for 24-year-old Bryan Michael Stickler said test results indicate he does not suffer from the STD, but prosecutors argued although he did not have an outbreak of warts when he was examined, he could still carry the virus.

Stickler was charged with child molesting and attempted child molesting, both Class A felonies, in December. Police said Stickler and his then-girlfriend, Ashley Stapert, molested a 6-month-old girl.  Stapert was charged with two counts of child molesting.

The probable cause stated the baby’s mother allowed Stapert and Stickler to stay with her because she believed they were homeless.  The mother said she knew the couple and allowed them to babysit her baby.

Stickler’s trial was expected to begin on Monday.  However, Deputy Prosecutor Zachary Craig said he needed more time to consult with medical experts.  The trail has been rescheduled to begin on October 15.

Stapert is scheduled to go to trial on July 9.

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