Man sentenced to 63 years for woman’s murder


Karl Woodall

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UPDATE: Karl Woodall was found guilty of murdering Stefanie Coulson. On April 10, 2019, he was sentenced to 63 years in jail with 740 days of jail credit.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A man suspected of killing a woman in March now faces a second murder charge.

Karl Woodall, 35, is accused of killing James Edward Sapp, 54, on March 6. He was previously arrested in connection with the March 27 fatal shooting of Stefanie Coulson, 37, in the 3700 block of East Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive.

Sapp was shot in the early morning hours on March 6 and died from a shotgun wound to the head, according to the Marion County Coroner’s Office. Police found his body in the 2100 block of Riley Avenue.

According to court documents, Woodall wanted to find Sapp because he owed Woodall money for methamphetamine and a handgun. A witness was with Woodall when he went looking for Sapp, whom Woodall referred to as “Fast Eddie.” They stopped at one home looking for Sapp but didn’t find him there. They later encountered him at a residence on Riley Avenue, court documents said.

Woodall talked with Sapp for about 20 minutes before he returned to the van. He backed it into the driveway and took out a 12-gauge shotgun he referred to as his “little buddy.”

“Karl started rambling on from his lack of sleep and said something about seeing if Fast Eddie wanted to buy his shotgun,” court documents said. The witness said Woodall began “talking crazy.”

The witness watched in the rearview mirror, where “[the witness] saw Karl shoot Fast Eddie in the face with the shotgun,” according to court documents.

Woodall later told the witness that he “blew [Sapp’s] face off” and said he did it because Sapp owed him money and a gun.

On March 27, weeks after Sapp’s death, police investigated the murder of Stefanie Coulson, who was killed inside her home. During that investigation, police obtained a search warrant for Woodall’s van, where they seized shotgun shells similar to the one that killed Sapp, police said.

Police took Woodall into custody on March 31 in connection with Coulson’s murder. He was charged this week in connection with Sapp’s murder.

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