Man duped by ‘psychic’ who promised to remove his ‘aura friction’

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GREENWOOD, Ind. - The future is unclear for a Johnson County man after a woman claiming to be a psychic duped him into what authorities are calling a scam.

In May, the elderly man received a letter in the mail from a woman named Ewangelia Buscherer who claimed to be a psychic. She wrote that he had an "aura friction" which was preventing him from receiving happiness and financial luck in his life.

She said she would get rid of it for free, claiming she would "eliminate your mediumistic indifference and your aura friction for you - permanently and for all time!"

“The only thing this letter didn’t say is that I can probably choose the winning lottery numbers for you. They might as well have went ahead and said that," said Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox.

When the man signed up, he received a bill for $67.79. Now he is refusing to pay and collecting late fees. Cox said a collections agency is looking for him. Police are worried about his credit and worried others will fall for this scam too.

“If this gentleman has been approached then we have others probably in the community that have been approached.”

Cox is reminding everyone to never put your signature on anything or send money to anyone without doing your homework first.

His detectives are looking for the so-called psychic, but he knows it would be difficult to prosecute her.

"When we make phone contact with these individuals, a lot of times they laugh at us," he explained. "They agree with us that they’re scamming folks and that they’re getting a lot of money by doing it. The reason why they’re laughing at us is that, because they know we can’t reach out and touch them. Because a lot of times they’re overseas."

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