Man known as ‘Rock’ sought in 2017 murder of young woman

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Marcus Kennedy is one of best homicide detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, but it took him nearly a year to come up with the name of the suspect in the unsolved murder of 21-year-old Kaylin Cole on November 15, 2017.

“We looked at her phone texts and phone calls and whatnot and between her and her boyfriend, there were a lot of texts between the two of them and there was some argument,” said Kennedy.  “We were able to get his phone records and we backtracked on some of the numbers that he called.”

Through cell phone records Kennedy said he was able to find his suspect, a major drug dealer who runs methamphetamine from Arizona and California to Indiana and New York, and is known on the streets of Indianapolis as “Rock.”

“I’ve been talking to other drug dealers in the area on other investigations, they just said he’s very, very low key and never touches anything.”

Kennedy said his investigation has shown Cole and her boyfriend were in a text message argument over her request to borrow a power tool that finally brought the young woman to Rock’s townhouse in the 1300 block of South Senate Avenue on a rainy Wednesday morning.

“They were arguing in two separate cars and he shot her and she ended up crashing into another car here in the parking lot.”

While a neighbor tried in vain to save Cole’s life, Kennedy said Rock turned off and discarded his phone and moved his family out of the townhouse he rented under an assumed name.

About 142 miles away in Mishawaka that day, Kaniece Davidovic was on the receiving end of a phone call from her sister with news about Kaylin.

“She kept on saying, ‘She gone.’ I said, ‘What do you mean she gone?’ And then she said, ‘There’s a detective here.’ And I said, ‘Why is a detective coming to see you? I’m Kaylin’s momma.’ And that’s when Mr. Marcus Kennedy, the detective who is over her case, told me my baby was shot, and that was all she wrote.”

Kaniece said her daughter was looking for a fresh start in Indianapolis but was always generous sending money back home for her family in northern Indiana.

“Kaylin was more of a, I can’t say secretive, but she kept things to herself. Kaylin would just tell me I guess not what I needed to know, not what I wanted to know,” said Kaniece. “I think she was kind of worried about what my reactions would have been.

“Whoever this person was I didn’t know him,” she said. “I knew she was breaking it off with the individual down there but I didn’t know him per se.”

Detective Kennedy said he’s shown prosecutors the phone records and eyewitness accounts of what happened to Cole but the State needs more before it files a murder charge on Rock.

If you have any information about the killing of Kaylin Cole, call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

Your clue could be worth a $1,000 reward.

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