Misdial leads to drug arrests in Henry County

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HENRY COUNTY, Ind.- Police say a wrong number landed three women right where they belong, in jail.

Breanna Beaudry, 19, Kassi Campbell, 22, Samantha Jacobs, 33, are all facing drug related charges. Detectives say they were trying to set up a drug deal and thought they were talking with a buyer.  The number they were texting ended up belonging to a state parole agent.

“You hit basically someone that’s in the same field as us,” explains an undercover officer with the Henry County Drug Task Force.

FOX 59 hid the officer’s face and distorted his voice in order to protect his identity.

The state parole agent contacted the undercover officer who instructed him to continue texting the women.  According to the police report, the deal was $40 for 7 ‘tabs,’ which is acid.  The exchange was set up to take place at Village Pantry, located at Grand and 25th.

“I said this will be easy as long as we keep it going as we did,” explains a Henry County Drug Task Force officer.

The women assumed they were meeting the drug buyer, but it was law enforcement.

“She said her name was Kassi. I asked her if she had the tabs, she said she didn’t but the girl, her friend inside did. I basically showed her the $40,” explains a Henry County Drug Task Force officer.

The women claimed they never had the tabs, but instead planned to rob the drug buyer.

“I’ve never had someone just blatant say we were just going to rob you and then admit to it after the fact,” explains a Henry County Drug Task Force officer.

From the initial text to arrest, the entire bust took less than two hours.

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