Mother fights for justice in daycare neglect case

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Lechelle Hadrick is speaking out, after a year and a half long court battle with a daycare worker accused of leaving her daughter alone.

Hadrick’s daughter, Zy’ayr, was only a year old when she was badly injured in 2011 while under the care of Kimberly McGill, who owned “Each One Teach One” daycare at the time. The daycare was run out of McGill’s home on the northeast side.

McGill called Hadrick in August of 2011, telling her that Zy’ayr was hurt.

“She told me, you have to take her to the hospital, she split her lip,” Hadrick said.

When Hadrick got to the hospital, though, she learned that Zy’ayr also had three fractures to her jaw and a skull fracture. McGill told Hadrick and detectives that the girl hurt herself after falling from a hockey table she had in the home.

Fox59 obtained court documents, though, that provide evidence that Zy’ayr’s injuries may not have come from a fall. In the documents, doctors said the injuries were “not consistent with” that kind of fall. Detectives also learned from several children under McGill’s care that she would sometimes leave them alone or take them across the street to another home.

“I took a back seat and I just waited. I gave them a chance to see if they would make sure justice was done,” Hadrick said.

Zy’ayr recovered from her injuries and is doing better. In the meantime, McGill was arrested and charged with six counts of neglect. She’s scheduled to stand trial this month, more than a year after the incident.

Hadrick said that she was told McGill will likely get probation in the case. She decided to speak out to Fox59, saying that punishment does not seem like enough, given her daughter’s injuries.

“I’m not happy. I feel like it’s just a slap on the wrist and it’s nothing,” Hadrick said.

McGill’s lawyer told Fox59 she did not want to comment until the case is resolved, but that McGill has never been charged with hurting Zy’ayr. McGill’s daycare was shut down shortly after the incident in 2011.

Hadrick said she hopes other families can learn from her story and that she wants to see stricter punishments in the future for daycare workers who don’t properly care for children.

“Do a further background check. Make sure you get references and you know who you’re dealing with and you know exactly what you’re getting into,” Hadrick said.

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