Neglect charges filed for pregnant dog found dead in Marion woods



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MARION, Ind. — Charges have been filed against a Marion man accused of neglecting a dog who was found dead and frozen in the woods last winter.

On Jan. 3 of 2018, a man found the dog, named “Lady,” in a cage along the river near River Blvd. and Vine Street. The cage was covered with a blanket and had a bowl of food inside.

Edward Whitley Jr.

Necropsy results found “Lady” was a pregnant 3.5-year-old pit bull mix, but the cause of death was undetermined.

Monday, police filed charges against Edward E. Whitley Jr., who told police “Lady” died in his home, and he had someone remove the dog’s body.

Whitley Jr. is facing one charge of cruelty to an animal for recklessly or intentionally neglecting a vertebrate animal. He is also facing one charge of false informing for knowingly giving a false report of the commission of a crime.

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