New tips, new subpoenas in new year of hunting for Delphi killer


(Left) Sketch of Delphi suspect; (Right) Picture of suspect

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CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. – We have his picture. We have a detailed sketch of his face. We even have a recording of his voice. So how is it, one year later, we still don’t have the man who killed Abby Williams and Libby German?

“I’d sacrifice almost anything in my life to be able to answer that question right now. I can’t,” replied Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter.

Over the course of the last year, state police has worked with the FBI and local police to chase down thousands of tips.

In the last month, FOX59 Investigates has learned law enforcement served multiple new subpoenas.

“In the past 30 days, all I have been dealing with is subpoenas,” said Carroll County Prosecutor Nicolas McLeland. “I don’t think it’s been more than a dozen. I don’t think it’s been very many.”

He’s been on the job hardly two months and is trying to digest an overwhelming amount of information about the case.

“It is a lot of reading and a lot of late nights. When I’m home and the kids go to bed I’m reading over reports and trying to get caught up on every tip and everything that they have done,” he said. “I just want to be a new set of eyes to look at things. And say hey, did we look at this? Did we take this angle?”

While the amount of subpoenas isn’t high, McLeland said that shouldn’t be taken as a sign that the investigation is slowing down.

“I think they’re still processing all the information that they’re getting.”

Police need a big break. Like the one they got last fall, when Colorado police arrested an Indiana man named Daniel Nations for threatening hikers with a hatchet.

Even Indiana State Police’s top boss couldn’t believe the resemblance to the sketch of the Delphi killer.

“He seemed like the logical person. He looked like him, right?” said Carter. “I feel differently about that now based upon what we know about him.”

Today, Nations remains a person of interest. State Police have said there isn’t enough evidence to include or exclude him as an official suspect.

After a year and no named suspects, we asked Carter, was it time for detectives to release anything else on Libby’s phone?

He admitted, the agency has thought of that before.

“They ask themselves that question every day,” said Carter. “That’s why we’ve had a couple of peer reviews done up there too.”

However, the conclusion is to stick with the plan and count on what has already been released to the public.

“We have released at this point what we think is relevant to finding that individual.”

FOX59 Investigates also asked whether the killer fled in a vehicle or did he simply walk away?

Carter answered, “Um, likely. Walked a certain distance, yes. We don’t have any indication that he was close by where he parked a vehicle, because we don’t have any information on a vehicle.”

They are counting on the information they do have. Carter believes someone out there knows who the killer is right now. And if there was one thing he could say to them, it would be:

“Trust me. Trust us. Please. Please. Please. Trust us.”

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