Newborn girl loses mother to deadly shooting in Castleton


INDIANAPOLIS — A violent weekend leaves several Indianapolis families in mourning. 

Over the span of 48 hours, from Friday night to Sunday night, seven people were killed.

Three-week-old Amoni is getting lots of love from her father and grandmother, but she’ll never be held by her mother again.

“It’s just a tough pill to swallow,” said the victim’s fiancé, Michael Beasley. “This is my precious little princess, and her mom is going to be proud of me.”

21-year-old Meghan Schwab gave birth to the baby girl last month before being shot and killed on Sunday.

“I feel hurt. I lost my best friend. That woman means a lot to me,” said Beasley.

Police found Meghan dead inside a car that crashed into the side of a building just after noon in Castleton, but right now, it’s not clear what led up to the violence.

“They haven’t given me any details,” said the victim’s mother, Susan Schwab. “I hope she’s remembered as a kind and loving person who didn’t deserve this.”

Family provided photo of Meghan Schwab

After the seven killings, Indianapolis sits at 187 homicides for the year.

“No one wants to see those numbers. Any murder is too much, but we’re having issues there,” said IMPD Chief Randal Taylor. “For whatever reason this year people are not dealing with their anger issues, and they’re willing to take a life.”

The police chief admits the city can’t arrest its way out of the problem, adding that the community has to play a role preventing violence.

“If people see people aren’t coping well, you’ve got to reach out to mental health experts and get people help,” said Taylor.

Susan just hopes people begin to think about the damage that can be done by pulling a trigger.

“It’s more than a crime. It’s breaking up a family. This goes so much deeper than just saying it’s a crime,” said Susan.

While there have been 187 total homicides this year, 160 of those deaths are considered criminal murders.

Both numbers are all-time records for the city.

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