Robbery suspects caught on camera opening fire inside store leading to police shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A dramatic robbery and police shooting is caught on camera.

It all started just after 1 a.m. when police were called to the 2500 block of North Sherman Drive.

The employees at a gas station reported seeing men hanging around outside wearing masks.

When officers arrived, the suspects left the scene.

Just 40 minutes later, police were called a second time after the same suspects returned and robbed the store.

The three armed suspects wasted little time firing several shots inside the store, repeatedly shooting at a security door.

Wearing white with a black mask, one robber can be seen on video sprinting inside the store.

The armed thief points his pistol at the clerk then repeatedly tries to kick down a security door.

That's when a second suspect standing at the door runs up and grabs a handful of cash.

"He said, 'Give me money.'  He said, 'Give me all money."    I opened the register.  He said no he needs more of our money. I haven't got no more money," said the clerk Maninder Singh.

Realizing he couldn't kick down the reinforced door,  the suspect fired several shots at the door.

The suspects then ran away, but the door and the bullet proof glass around the register may have kept the situation from turning deadly.

"It saved my life," said Maninder.

"It appears the shots were fired maybe to get into that cage and they were unsuccessful.  We are very fortunate," said IMPD deputy chief Valerie Cunningham.

Police showed up as 3 suspects were running away and one officer shot at the crooks but missed.

The store owner says they've been robbed several times this year and installed a stronger security door to keep their employees safe.

"We are making it a little bit more secure.  They cannot break the door in, but still this is a problem because they have a gun.  Before they don't shoot,  now they start shooting.  So we are scared, quite scared," said Lakhwant Singh.

Violent gas station robberies of course are nothing new.

In January, a clerk at the Cumberland Express Mart got killed during a robbery.

At that time calls to introduce Marcy's Law to force convenience stores to implement safety measures went nowhere at the statehouse.

The victims of the overnight shooting are just thankful they've taken steps to protect their lives.

"We tell them don't go outside.  Stay inside.  Keep doors locked and stay in behind the cage," said Lakhwant.

Police searched the area for a couple of hours but were unable to locate any suspects.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers.

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