Police: Franklin man arrested for pulling over woman and pretending to be US Marshal

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Greenwood Police have arrested a man for allegedly pulling over a woman and pretending to be a US Marshal.

After an investigation, police arrested 63-year-old Darrell Heady, of Franklin, and charged him with impersonating law enforcement and criminal confinement after an incident that took place back in February.

According to a police document, on Feb. 4 Heady was at the intersection of SR 135 and Smokey Row Rd. in Johnson County. A woman told police that day Heady allegedly tailgated her in a black truck and tried to pull her over.

The woman thought Heady was an undercover police officer and pulled over to a nearby church parking lot.

The woman reportedly told police that Heady attempted to arrest her, identified himself as a US Marshal and showed a badge to her.

Heady allegedly state he was going to follow the woman to the jail and then arrest her. After the woman reportedly asked what to do with her son in the backseat, Heady told her she would receive a ticket in the mail.

Police later went to Heady’s residence to interview him about this incident. Heady reportedly told police the woman was lying, but allowed police to take photographs of the badge he reportedly showed the woman.

When the badge was shown to the woman, she told police “that’s the guy!,” according to a report.

It was learned by police during the investigation that Heady repossess vehicles for a living.

Heady was taken into custody and transported to Johnson County Jail.

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