New police program taps into surveillance to close cases faster


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A new program is helping the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) fight crime and close cases faster.

“B.Link is an opportunity for residents and businesses to come on board and provide us with an extra set of eyes. So we’re just trying to tap into that resource to allow us an additional benefit in trying to reduce crime in our community,” said IMPD Major Kendale Adams.

One robbery was caught on camera on January 13, at a Big Red Liquor Store in Indianapolis. IMPD immediately began investigating until they realized Big Red Liquors registered their surveillance camera to their new program B.Link Pro.

In this case, they were able to review footage in real-time as opposed to investigators getting it two to three weeks later. It also assisted them in figuring out how to track down the accused robber.

“So those cameras actually caught the suspect vehicle, as well as the suspect coming and coming out of that business with the mask,” said Adams.

When the program first rolled out in October they were in a testing period with a few businesses to see if the concept would work.

“We had to work through some technical challenges, had to work through some internal policies, and so as we worked through those things that’s why the proof of concept was so important,” said Adams.

Now that it’s successful, they want to move forward and get more business and homeowners on board. IMPD says this new tool takes their investigations to the next level and leads to closure faster.

“We’re really excited about the expediency of the process. And that it speeds up the investigations for our detectives and hopefully will improve their closing,” said Adams.

If you’re a business owner looking to register your cameras, you can do that here.

If you’re a homeowner, police might just come knocking on your door asking for permission to use your footage to help crack a case.

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